The Mount Vernon District Democratic Committee is responsible for the grass roots operations of the Democratic Party of Virginia in the Mount Vernon Magisterial District of Fairfax County. The MVDDC is a subdivision of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee.

The MVDDC's precincts run from the southern border of Alexandria and the Huntington Avenue south along U.S. 1, includes all of Fort Belvoir, Mason Neck, Lorotn, Laurel Hill, and much of South Springfield. The Mount Vernon Magisterial District consits of 120,000+ residents and over 72,000 registered voters. The MVDDC consists of over 80 members and 2,200 registered volunteers.
  • Map of Fairfax County magisterial districts.
  • Profile of Mt. Vernon District.

MVDDC Leadership



Vice Chairs Precinct Operations 


Maritza Zermeno 


Janet Myhre

Vice Chairs Finance
Richard Ingham
Ginny Peters
Chris Ambrose

Voter Protection
David Dougherty

Vice Chair Voter Registration

 Vice Chair Communications

Vice Chair Technology
Chris Ambrose


Vice Chair Outreach 
 Mary Payden
Mark Cannady

  Vice Chair Events